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5th-Jul-2011 08:57 am - Take It All Away!!!
Haggling Welcome, please take my lovelies away :)
Make Any Offers On Everything (if you think the price is too high!)
All Items are now in seperate categories for ease of viewing! Offers Welcome on everything listed! Grab A Bargain For Upcoming Festival Season! Please Take It All Away :)

Deals on multiple purchases, holds/lay-away/payment plans also available! Seriously I want this all gone guys :)

Clothes UK6-28
Footwear UK3.5-6.5

SIZES IN LISTING - from UK6-UK28 + XS-XXL - I am more than happy to measure items if you don't know what UK sizes correspond to US sizes or you could check a sizing converter through google. US Clothing sizes are usually -2 of a UK size eg UK20 would be a US18, Footwear is generally +2 for US sizes so rule of thumb is that UK6 would equal US8, however, because some footwear sizes can run big or small I prefer buyers to measure their foot and ask for the measurement of the inside sole of the footwear to ensure the right fit


Beanie Babies & Bears (Offers On All)

Coats Waistcoats & Gillets



DVD's Games Music & Books




Lip Service Clothing

Men's Items





5th-Jul-2011 12:25 am - A Contest!

I'm running a contest on my Facebook page that you guys might be interested in. Post a photo of yourself there of your most original alternative fashion coordinate, write a little bit about it, if you made it, what inspired it, ect, and get your friends to vote by liking your photo!
2nd-Jul-2011 01:34 pm(no subject)

I have recently done a few wig-related posts over on my blog, including some advice on how to buy decent quality wigs for under £35.

But I thought I would cross-post my advice on styling wigs!

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8th-Jun-2011 03:17 pm - Requesting photos~
  Hey everybody! It’s been a while, heh. Then again, I never exactly was the most frequent poster. P: I’ve got a question for all of you~


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10th-May-2011 06:33 am - i reappear under a new name!
hey guys,
for those of you who remember me i was audioxxx
so this is my new LJ
and stuff 


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27th-Feb-2011 01:51 pm - Viskei and Street Fashion Blogs
Amelie Rose, Roses, Bear, Chantililly, Angelic Pretty
 Hello, Visual_Fuckers! 

I'm currently trying to amass a list of blogs by or about wearers of Japanese street fashion in the hope that I can make a list for others to be able to find them more easily and take inspiration. Lolita, Gyaru, and other popular J-fashion blogs are quite easy to find, as they tend to have big active comms and the blog network for Lolita and Gyaru at least is quite big and interlinked, but I'm having a little more difficulty finding blogs by or about wearers of J-punk, Visual-kei, Oshare-kei and such styles as these; and also substyles of big fashions that aren't as popular as the main substyles, such as Ouji or Punk Lolita.

If anyone has blogs about these styles, or knows of blogs about them, please would they post links in the comments? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance, dears. ♥
27th-Feb-2011 12:01 am(no subject)

Hi guys :) I'm not on Livejournal as much as I used to be (although I do try to keep my blog updated: aiko273.co.uk), but I haven't forgotten you!

I need to start taking outfit shots again! But here is the top half of what I looked like last night, for a club called La Reve.

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26th-Feb-2011 11:33 pm(no subject)
takato yamoto ♬ sleeping beauty
 long time no see (´ー`)

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