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[God Save The Queen]
Suggestions, advice, and a cosplay - 
14th-Mar-2012 04:54 pm
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So I did my first wig styling ever a couple of months ago for a cosplay. Yes, that's right. I'm popping up again after two years with another cosplay post. So.... blah.

Anyway, ready for a story? Cause this comes with one.

It starts with wanting to tackle something from my cosplay wishlist to wear to Ohayocon. Since I was in the middle of buying a condo (home ownership, here I am!) and I decided to do this about... a month in advance... I went with the easiest and cheapest - a Shinya closet cosplay (who called it? Because this is all I ever do). Also? I find him rather sexy in this picture:
Now, given that I didn't actually own anything that he is wearing, this was less a "search my own closet" kind of a closet cosplay and more of a "thrift shops - here I come" kind of cosplay. You would not believe how hard it is to find a plain white shirt in thrift stores. Not even joking. Everything was either too short, not the right cut, or had designs on it. Or weren't white. I ended up having to go buy it new. But not the point. The biggest challenge was going to be the wig, since I had recently chopped my hair off.

So I started with this one:
As you can probably tell, it's not layered quite right. So I had to take on the very jaw clenching and heart pounding task of cutting it myself. Which didn't work, obviously. Because I choke under pressure and it's two days before the convention. So what happens? Well, I did some thinking beforehand and pony tailed all the sections that I was cutting and used it to make some no-sew wefts. After a lot of swearing and some sore fingers, I ended up with this:

And ultimately, after putting it all together, this:
Sadly, this is the only picture I have of this while I'm wearing it, and it doesn't really show off my duct-taped flat(ter) chest or the necklace that I BSed together. Or the perfect black jeans that I found and now practically live in. Maybe when I get some time I'll try to get more pictures - but that'll be after I tweak the wig a bit and make it more blended.

Now, I know it's not perfect. But it turned out a lot better than what I thought it would. It was still a scary ordeal but none the less, I'm willing to try my hand at it some more, mostly because there's another Shinya that I'm ready to go back and try again - with a wig this time instead of my natural hair (since now that it's short, it's pretty much staying that way).

Now I know that just braiding a wig won't get the desired effect - but has anyone tried to get this all over braid affect with one? I've tried googling, but I mostly just get "you need an already braided wig", which is hard given that in my past resource images, it shows that he has red braided into the black and finding pre-braided wigs like that is just a pain in my ass.

Although, if any of you have seen such a wig, I would not complain if you were to toss a link my way. :3

Comments, general critique, and help would be much appreciated.

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